Sonny: It's gonna be your name the rest of your life, what do you want it to be?
Julian: Frankenstein!
Sonny and Julian.


Julian as he appears played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Julian McGrath-Gerrity is the deuteragonist in the film Big Daddy. he is the son of Kevin Gerrity and Jan McGrath. he is six adopted by Sonny Koufax, when he is still close friends with them. he is played by Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Life before the filmEdit

  • Julian was born in Toronto, Canada, to an unmarried Hooters girl named Jan McGrath on July 15th 1994. He grew up with his mother in Buffalo, New York, as his father Kevin Gerrity presumably thought of their encounter as a one-night stand. Little is known about Julian's life with his mother, but it is thought that he was a very happy, normal child. During 1999, Julian's mother was diagnosed with cancer and, sadly, it was terminal.
  • Fearing her life was at an end, Jan sent her son to live with his biological father, Kevin Gerrity. However, Kevin had already left for a job in China. Julian was sent with his belongings and a last wish from his mother, that he would be going to live with his real father.

Big DaddyEdit

  • Julian arrived at Sonny Koufax's house with a note from his mother addressed to his biological father Kevin Gerrity. Upon realising the truth behind Julian's mother, Sonny called up Kevin and eventually decided he would take Julian to the Social Services Bureau, to have him placed with a foster family. Sonny took Julian to Central Park, where he demonstrated how he likes to watch the rollerbladers fall down. He then deliberately tripped one over and into the nearby lake. This caused the initially reluctant Julian to share his first bonding with Sonny. Julian and Sonny relax at home with the delivery guy, Nazo. Sonny then takes Julian to his local bar to watching the football. Sonny and Julian continue to bond. When they returned home and his new bed, Julian asks Sonny if he is her father which he replies that he isn't.
Sonny and julian

Sonny takes Julian to the park.

  • The next morning, Sonny takes Julian to the park and decides that he will take full-time care of Julian to impress his friend Vanessa. Julian is shown to become more confident and even adopted traits from Sonny- he trips a rollerblader with a stick.
  • During the course of the night, Julian accidentally wets his bed and forms Sonny helps clean up the mess, by placing sheets of newspaper on the bed and attempting to get Julian to go back to sleep. The plan is unsuccessful and the two end up heading out to get a MacDonald's breakfast meal.
  • Julian reveals that he has to go to the bathroom and, after being denied entry to a bathroom at a restaurant, Sonny shows Julian how to pee up a building, something he is later chastised for doing.
  • Along the way Julian questions a homeless man, on why he is homeless, showing a light of truth to the man. Sonny then upsets Julian by cursing loudly when he realises she missed the breakfast period. He then calms Julian down by throwing himself of a moving vehicle, which is revealed to please Julian.
Julian stopped

Julian stops to puke after dancing around wildly to the Kangaroo Song.

  • Julian and Sonny return home, where Sonny plans to watch the hockey game. However his are thwarted when Julian, presumably on a sugar rush, bounces up and down on a space hopper, in front of the television set. She tells Sonny that she is too hungry to take a nap, so Sonny fills him full of masses of junk food. She passes out on the kitchen table. Julian then wakes up and informs Sonny that he always watches the Kangaroo Song after her naps. However, her out-of-control dancing and causing her to accidentally vomit on the floor. Sonny, stressed out by Julian's mannerisms, decides to take her to his girlfriend Vanessa.
Julian wall

Julian becomes accustomed to peeing up walls.

  • Julian reveals that he is worried that Vanessa will not be nice. Sonny gives Julian a pair of 'magic' sunglasses that he convinces her makes him invisible, Julian is convinced and continues on to Vanessa's apartment. It is revealed that Vanessa end up dumped Sonny and is dating Sid, an old man.
  • Sonny decides he has no more options and takes Julian to the Social Services Bureau, in which she plans to give him to foster parents. However Arthur Brooks informs him that Julian would have to stay in an orphanage for a while. Julian runs over to Sonny and shows her that she has learnt how to tie her shoes. Sonny is proud of Julian and decides to take temporary custody over her until a foster family can be found.
  • Sonny then calls up his father and is reprimanded for taking custody over Julian. He then informs Julian that people's dads are the source of their problems. He then asks Julian if he likes his own name, to which he replies, ' I guess... ', Sonny then gets Julian to rename himself 'Frankenstein'.

Julian renames himself 'Frankenstein'.

  • Sonny then decides to let Julian do what he wants and live a life of freedom, the activities he participates in are;
  • Playing in a puddle
  • Being taught how to play baseball
  • Dressing in a random manner
  • Eating pizza
  • Learning how to perform the sleeper hold like Chief Jay Strongbow
  • Getting a slingshot and killing many pigeons and,

Julian dresses up in a unusual costume for Halloween.

  • Trick-or-treating with Sonny.
  • Julian then goes out to a hot-dog stand for Sonny and his two, gay best friends, Phil and Tommy. His behaviour seems to have deteriorated rapidly. She is carrying a large stick, with which she hits Phil with the stick. She then orders three packets of hot dogs, which appears to be her favourite food.
  • Sonny then uses Julian as a pawn in gaining a date with a pretty girl at the park, unbeknownst to her at the time, but the girl is Layla Maloney, Corrine's sister. Julian runs over to her and claims that she is lost and doesn't know where she lives, at which point Sonny arrives. When Layla declines Sonny's offer for a date, he then calls Julian over, who performs an act saying that, if she didn't come over he would develop a stutter. This is also the first time Julian pees on something for the first time alone.
  • During Sonny's date, Julian calls him into his bedroom to ask for a goodnight. She attempts to fall asleep, but is unsuccessful and once again interrupts the date by turning the music off. Layla and Sonny return to Julian's bedroom and tell her a story about a rabbit and a squirrel. The story helps Julian fall asleep and eventually becomes a way to transcribe Sonny and Layla's feelings.
  • The next day, Sonny takes Julian to school. Se is scared and says that he doesn't like the other kids. Sonny gives her the magic sunglasses and Julian enters the classroom, where he instantly makes a friend.
  • During the day, Arthur Brooks calls Sonny's apartment and tells her that she has found a foster family for Julian and that she would like Sonny to call her back. Sonny doesn't.
  • Sonny hangs out with Julian and her friends at school and informs them to stay away from drugs.
  • He then takes her to the grocery store, where he teaches Julian throw a can into the floor, as dented cans are half prices. Julian informs Sonny that he has eczema. Corrine is also shopping and helps Julian with her eczema, by putting a bag of frozen peas on the rash and cooling the itching.
  • At some point off screen, Sonny took Julian to Cony Island, where they took pictures in a photo booth.

Julian plays 'I win' with Phil.

  • While Sonny takes Layla on a date to a restaurant in Little Italy, Julian stays at home with Sonny's friends, Mike, Phil and Tommy. Julian plays cards with Phil, as a new game called 'I win', in which no matter what hand Julian has she always wins everything. Arthur Brooks arrives, informing them that she has tried to get in contact with Kevin Gerrity (Actually Sonny posing as Kevin due to the real Kevin being on a business trip in China) and has been unsuccessful.
  • Sonny is called by Julian's teacher Ms. Foote. She request as special meeting with her, as she is concerned about several issues regarding Julian. It is said that he tripped a student who wore roller blades (and finding it hilarious).he ended up spilt a tube of glue on the floor and covered it in newspaper, as opposed to telling someone. Julian is then shown to be urinating on a potted plant in the classroom. Ms. Foote then informs Sonny that Julian is ' by far the smelliest ' child she has ever taught. Sonny then decides to change Julian's life around.

Julian pees on a potted plant in school to the disgust of another student.

  • Sonny tries to convince Julian to study by reading a book about George Washington with Nazo, however it proves unsuccessful when Julian insults Nazo and begins dancing around to the Kangaroo song. Sonny returns dressing as Scuba Sam is Scuba Steve's father. He convinces Julian that she must study hard if he wants to be in the Scuba Squad.
  • Julian gets a bath as Sonny tells her that they will be changing his life. She studies harder, dresses differently and eats right.

Julian starts dressing differently.

  • Sonny guides Julian's life through several different activities:
  • He takes his Barneys and the two dress identically in White suits.
  • Sonny takes Julian to work at the tollbooth.
  • Julian discovers that urinals are good too.
  • Sonny and Julian dress up as the founding fathers, investigating Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electricity.
  • Sonny puts milk into a hand wash bottle and together the pair have fun pumping it onto cereal.
  • Sonny then devises a spelling test for Julian, in which all the words are related to Benjamin Franklin. Julian correctly identifies all the words. Meanwhile, so does Nazo, in which all the words are for animals. Nazo only manages "fish" and "pony", but cannot say "hippopotamus" right, and he blames Sonny for giving Julian the "easy ones".
  • They head out to Central Park, where they make amends for their previous mistakes, by holding signs telling the rollerbladers to slow down at the bend where Sonny had previously tripped them up. They once again encounter the homeless man, riding in a trolley cart filled with plastic bags.
  • Sonny and Layla watch Julian's school play. Julian shines through as the star of the play, remembering all his lines and delivering them with humour. Julian stands put, while the other child rush to sign the declaration of independence.
  • Julian is next seen playing 'I win' with Nazo and Sonny. Arthur Brooks arrives to take Julian away, having discovered Sonny is not Kevin Gerrity. She is taken away into Social Services' care.
  • During the trial Julian is called upon as witness. Layla interviews her and, although she is hesitant at first Layla gives her the 'magic' sunglasses and she answers her questions. She tells the court of all the things Sonny taught her and that she thinks her Mom would have picked Sonny to be his new Dad. Julian steps down and returns to the waiting room. The judge then decides that custody should be given to his real father, Kevin Gerrity. Julian protests but Sonny assures her everything will be okay. Sonny then promises Julian that they will always be friends.

Julian has fun with his real Dad, Kevin.

  • Nazo is seen giving Julian advice not to order BLT when he comes to his restaurant. Sonny says he will see Julian for breakfast the next morning. Kevin attempts to bond with Julian by telling her about China, he bangs his head on the bench and Julian laughs with him.
  • She is last seen playing with noise makers with her father.

1 year, 6 months and 3 days later Edit

  • Julian is at Sonny's surprise birthday party. She reveals that they have been playing basketball together on a regular basis. Julian is revealed to now be calling Corrine 'Mommy'.
  • Sonny picks Julian up and carries his to Vanessa, who is revealed to know be a Hooters girl, along with Sid working the grill.
  • Julian receives his final piece of advice in the film from Sonny, telling him to say testicles instead of balls.

Relationships Edit

Sonny Koufax :


Sonny bathing Julian.

  • Julian arrives at Sonny's, initially to find his real father, who has already left for China. Julian instantly grows to look up to Sonny as a surrogate father figure, with Sonny giving valuable advice. When Julian's life becomes out of control, it is Sonny who turns it around. *Even once custody of Julian has been handed over to his real father, Kevin, Julian is still shown to be very attached to Sonny.

Kevin Gerrity :

  • Although Kevin only interacts with his son in the last few scenes, he is shown to bond with him similarly quick as Sonny did. Julian and Kevin are seen playing with noise makers from China.
  • In last scene, however, Julian does not interact with his father, possibly as he is still closer to Sonny.

Nazo :


Nazo giving Julian advice.

  • Julian first meets Nazo after his trip out to Central Park with Sonny. They are all shown to be eating from Cosys, the restaurant in which Nazo is the courier for, Julian tells Nazo that she ' wipes his own ass '. Nazo, smiling replies by saying ' me too '. When Sonny is questioning Julian about her doll named Scuba Steve, Nazo tells them that she had a similar doll, but his cat bit the head off. Nazo reacts badly when Julian asks him ' what kind of cat would do that? '.
  • Julian then attempts to perform the sleeper hold on a willing Nazo, but is unsuccessful in grasping the technique.
  • When Sonny shuts off Julian's video games and they take a vote to see whether on not Julian should study. Both Sonny and Nazo vote that he should, however Julian discounts Nazo's vote by using the fact that she can't read. Julian to hits Nazo on the head, whilst dancing to the Kangaroo Song.
  • Both Julian and Nazo take a spelling bee hosted by Sonny. Where Julian is able to answer all the words correctly, Nazo gets her last one wrong and exclaims that Julian had the easy words.
  • Julian, Sonny and Nazo play 'I win' together but Nazo is unhappy with the rule that Julian always wins. She says that he must ' learn to lose as well '.
  • Nazo defends Julian and Sonny at the court case, despite how futile her attempts are.
  • At the end of the film, Nazo is shown giving Julian advice not to order BLT at Cosys.
  • Nazo is one of the only characters in the films to be mean to Julian.



Julian calls Corrine 'Mommy'.

  • Julian first meets Corrine when he arrives at Sonny's apartment, shortly after her fiancé Kevin's departure. She asks what his name is, to which Julian doesn't reply.
  • The two next meet again, when Corrine discovers Julian's name is Frankenstein. She tells her that he had eczema, so she puts a bag of peas on the rash to cool the itching. Julian is very grateful to Corrine. Corrine tousles his hair as she says goodbye.
  • Corrine is one of the many witnesses at Sonny's trial. She defends her as a loving father to Julian, although it is possible her testimony comes from her care for Julian.
  • At the end of the film, Julian calls Corrine 'Mommy', indicating that she is now his surrogate mother. They seem to have a good relationship and Corrine even treats Julian like her own child.

Layla :


Layla attempts to help Julian find his parents.

  • Julian first meets Layla when she runs over to her in the park, in an attempt to get a date with her for Sonny. She is caring towards her, believing the story that she is lost and attempts to find her parents. She falls for her cute stutter act and goes on a date with Sonny.
  • Layla then helps Julian get back to sleep by telling a story for him with Sonny.
  • At Julian's school play, Layla is in the audience, commenting on how cute Julian looks.
  • Layla helps with Julian's case as a co-counsellor, although it is widely suggested she was there for Sonny, she could still have been there for Julian.

Trivia Edit

  • Wendi McLendon-Covey features on the movie poster, whereas her sister Mary Birdsong-Covey has more screen time in the film.
  • Julian's doll named Scuba Steve almost disappears completely after he alters her life to a better kind.

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